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CPA Networks For Beginners – How A Newbie Should Start


I would like to post today about CPA networks for beginners, simply because I am fairly new to CPA online marketing myself, as although I have long since been aware of the many networks out there, I was also aware that many of these networks have quite high criteria to be met before your application could be approved. A few days ago I found a CPA network that I really liked the look of from what I had been reading on a few sites, and so I joined it – and was happy to discover the next day that I had been accepted into that network! Well at least partially accepted, the difference I will explain in a moment.




Before you even consider how to make money with CPA (which stands for “Cost per action” by the way) you really need to look at growing your website traffic until it has reached a satisfactory level as the top CPA networks simply don’t want to be bothered with the “little guys” so to speak, and only want websites that can deliver them a sufficiently high amount of traffic to their offers.

When you think of it from a product owner’s point of view it would make sense. If I had a sufficiently valuable product that I wanted the top people promoting, would I also want someone that had just the day before setup a free blog promoting it too? Probably not, as it might well devalue the “perceived value” of the product if just anyone was allowed to promote it.

Okay there are many CPA offers that do not appear to be for a product of a “high perceived value” but then again we should be grateful that the opportunity to promote such products exists at all, and for that reason we must strive to attain the levels of both traffic and website quality that the best CPA networks desire at every step.

At this stage I would like to point out that although I have been working very hard on a variety of projects to build up my website in everyone’s eyes, not just CPA networks, but also the eyes of the search engines and my visitors, I was still feeling that my level of traffic might not be high enough to make the site an attractive one from a CPA networks point of view.

Sure this website is now well into the top quarter of all sites on the internet as ranked by Alexa, which is something that has given me great pleasure since it happened, and even though I am aiming to have this site within the top 100,000 sites as ranked by Alexa within the next 8 weeks, my concern was still that the particular CPA network would not find my application desirable.




Promoting Products on billboards


Obviously once you have attained the level of website traffic that you need in order to be accepted by a CPA network, which I realize may well vary from network to network and being accepted might be much easier than I think and it is simply me worrying over nothing as usual, you will then want to turn your attention to the issue of exactly how to earn money with CPA.

Although naturally as I am still finding my feet with CPA I cannot give you direct advice on this specific issue, one thing I can say is that you should find a CPA offer that you actually like by visiting the landing page for that particular CPA offer. If you don’t like the CPA ads that you see, then why bother to promote them? Just as you wouldn’t want to promote something that you don’t like from any other affiliate scheme, you should not promote CPA ads you don’t like either.

Remember your sites visitors will not want to visit any sites that you don’t like either, as usually your site visitors like the same kind of content as you like yourself, simply because your tastes will be very similar, if you are actually attracting the right kind of targeted traffic, that is.

In this respect CPA internet marketing is just like any other kind of internet marketing. Promote what you like, what you know and ideally what you are already using yourself so that you can be entirely honest with your site visitors about the things that you like and offer to them. I have already been very lucky in that respect, as the CPA network that I have found has offers to promote that I already know I like and some that I already use, at least to a certain degree. (Without going into detail on this point there is a particular media player that I always use and I really love and have loved for years – and now I find out that I can make money by promoting it!)




Marketing Baby


I believe that CPA ads, Adsense ads and my other affiliate network ads that I use all the time will “play nicely together” so to speak, but if I do see any issues arising from having multiple advertising networks on the same site then the obvious solution will be to keep them separated by only allowing certain ads to run on certain site pages.

Provided you maintain a degree of separation between all of your ads, then it should be possible to make money with CPA marketing whilst at the same time offering other affiliate content to your website visitors. Avoiding competing content should be easy enough provided you follow these most simple of rules just as you would with anything else.






To help you learn CPA marketing I would like to link to a few resources that you might find useful, and yes I will be reading them myself so that I can learn right alongside with you! Only by fully understanding how to better service the CPA networks can we seriously expect to be able to continue to work with the best CPA networks into the future. Right now I am planning for a long and productive partnership with the network I have joined, but let’s see what happens!

As I said at the start of this post I have been “partially accepted” into my particular CPA network. What I mean by that is that I can promote the offers at the most basic “trust level 1″, but cannot promote anything higher than that yet, and my account is still marked as “Not approved” until such time as I can earn a particular level of commission using the network. Once I have delivered the results that the CPA network in question desires then hopefully I can request that my account be fully approved, and can then begin the long fruitful partnership with them that I desire.

Anyway as I said a moment ago I have some resources for you to read up on, and as ever to give you the lowdown on how to start CPA marketing a visit to the “Cost Per Action” Wikipedia page is always worth a visit, however I think that what you are most likely looking for will be how to make money with CPA marketing – the Warrior Forum as usual providing the full nitty gritty from those experienced chaps that know.

There is also a very well detailed “how to do CPA marketing” article that will show you how to market the best CPA offers and which are the best CPA sites. Take some time reading through it as I found it to be the best CPA marketing course I have found online at the time of writing this.

Finally and perhaps the best and most surprising links I have for you are two ebooks that I have had for free download on this website for ages, yet have still never got around to reading myself. You can rest assured that I will start reading through them now though! First of all there is “Build A System That Dominates Hot CPA Offers” and then there is “How To Unleash Easy CPA Offer Profits“.

Those two ebooks are slightly older and perhaps not quite as up to date as what you can find doing a search for CPA today, but they will still give you an excellent start to working with CPA networks the correct way, and so for that reason I will certainly be studying them right alongside you. Moving on.

Once you have chosen and been accepted into the particular network you will be using, and read through the various CPA marketing course guides that you can find elsewhere online, you will no doubt find within the CPA website itself that there is a helpful amount of information related to the promotion of the products and services on offer through that network.

Indeed one of the reasons that I am so happy to have found the particular CPA network that I have been temporarily accepted into is due to the fact that my account “Manager” has been helpful and friendly already even though I have only joined the network a few days ago. Despite my concerns that not having one of those damned nuisance “instant messenger” type accounts might cause issues with me being accepted into the network, I have been assured that I can still use the network and do most contact by email – something very handy when you do not know which shifts you will be working from one week to the next!




I do not know yet. When I discover a good one I will let you know by updating this post.



Paul Friar, signing off...

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