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PJ Friar – Owner of Yearn2earncash.com

About PJ Friar And The Yearn2earncash.com Website

Hello! I’m pleased to welcome you to this page.

My name is PJ and I am the creator of the “Yearn To Earn Cash” Website.

My aim with the site is to show you the best tools, sites and services that you should use to earn your living online, by showing you exactly what I am doing to attempt to earn a full time income solely from the internet.

I am based in Merseyside UK, I launched the Yearn To Earn Cash website in April 2009, and I run the site entirely by myself – that’s right there aren’t any fancy people here that know everything about creating the greatest site on the web!

So if you like the site or even if you don’t, please let me know by discussing it on all the social networks – that’s the only way I can continue to grow and improve the site. Your help is very much appreciated!

All of the content on the site is created by me, except for the rebrandable eBooks (no guest posts here) I am allowed to giveaway on this site and I am committed to the quality of the information I publish for everyone’s benefit, including my own.

I can be reached via my own dedicated support helpdesk.

Although I do not accept paid links or link exchanges, offers for website SEO improvements, guest posts or any other content from sources by direct email, I am happy to hear from everyone with other reasons for contacting me.

I currently own and run two other websites not yet mentioned here.

There is my InternetWritingJobs.com site where I help people to find online writing jobs they might otherwise miss out on and direct them to other services that help them train to better improve their job application success rate.

Plus there is my SimpleWebHosting.org site where I help people to better understand the complexities of websites, webhosting and domain names.

The great thing about those two sites above, plus this one of course, is that I make money by helping other people with their problems – that is possibly the best way to make money in this world!

My History

Typical inside view of a warehouse

The kinds of place I always worked in!

Before I end this page I would just like to describe my desires about this site and my life aims in general, so that you can get a better idea of the person I am.

Years ago I set myself a target – namely quit the crappy jobs I always hated, and earn money doing something I could actually enjoy, using my laptop or desktop pc to make money from the internet.

I was only working in warehouses at the time I set that goal, but it is a goal I have never forgotten and never will forget.

Although I am not rich I have at least been able to stop working full time in warehouses now and hope one day to have the pleasure of knowing that I will need never return somewhere like there again.

It takes hard work to make this dream come true, but I am doing it bit by bit.

When I first set that goal I was pretty much penniless and not even turning on heating and lighting in my apartment to save money. Those crappy minimum wage jobs just don’t pay much you know!

That was before I finally swallowed my pride, left my apartment and moved back home into my parent’s home – and my old bedroom, which was being used as a junk room at the time.

I started working harder after that point because I don’t want to return to being so poor ever again.

I want to learn everything I need to know to make money online, and I want to share that knowledge with you. So that is what I am doing on this site from now on, if you will allow me the chance to do so.

As I start to make more money online, I promise to keep this page updated with how my life develops and with the techniques I use that have earned me the most money.

I think that’s enough about me and probably enough about the Yearn2earncash site for anyone to know right now!