Legal Policies

The links at the end of this page will take you to our sites various legal documents and disclaimers, but they are written in “legal speak” by a professional internet lawyer and exist pretty much just to keep the rest of the lawyers happy!

(They also serve as a deterrent to those unwelcome individuals that merely wish to search the web to find websites without such detailed documents in place and attempt to sue those sites for no other reason than the lack of such documents and make their living that way rather than working like the rest of us have to.)

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to simply clarify this sites position legally in normal non-technical English for the rest of us that are not able to understand such language without a lawyer present:


Basically I only use your email address to send you an email each day. That is my only use of your email address because I have no other interest in using your email address for any other purpose.

The email I send you is designed to help you make money online, but some of the content in my emails are promotional in nature and I am compensated for any purchases you make based on my recommendations, which you can read more about in the official legal document links below.

The analytics tools and other tracking code tools used by this site are limited to nothing more complex than the WordPress Jetpack tool which tracks visitors to each page on the site to provide statistics such as which page is the most popular, and also the Google Adsense code which simply tracks your searches to show you ads based on things you have searched for in the past.

That is the complete extent to which any personally identifiable information of yours is used!

However under the GDPR law you do have the right to opt out of my sites using your personal data, make changes to your personal data, request copies of your personal data, or request that your personal data be deleted entirely from any of this sites records.

You can do any of that in multiple ways:

1. You can completely block cookies in your browser when visiting this website which effectively stops you being tracked and shown relevant advertising. You will likely still be shown adverts on this site chosen by Google, but they are most certainly going to be generic and of no real interest to you.

2. You can always request a copy of your personally identifiable data from me by either writing to me using the contact address as follows: PJ, Unit 10385, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US, or for a much quicker response by using my support desk here at any time and filling in a support ticket.

3. You can unsubscribe from my sites emails or make changes to your email address data by either using the unsubscribe link or the change subscriber options link at the bottom of any of the emails you receive from me. This will either immediately end all communication from me, or it will give you the option of changing your email address to something else, depending upon which option you choose.

Please note that if you do unsubscribe from the email list that will result in the complete removal of your email address data from my autoresponder as I have a policy of completely deleting a persons data from my autoresponder the moment they unsubscribe.

(Naturally if you do request a copy of your data after unsubscribing do not be surprised if I am unable to provide you with any of it as it will have already been completely deleted at that point!)

Here endeth the plain English language stuff we all love, now lets turn this page over to the ridiculous technical speak of the Lawyers (God love them – someone has to!):


(all links open in new windows):

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