Recovering Deleted Youtube Videos From A Terminated Account

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If you are not very careful with the way you use your YouTube account, you might well see a message such as the following:

“YEARN2EARNCASHDOTCOM has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines”

Lets be clear, there are many traps to fall into that might result in you losing your YouTube account, which range from simply using too many tags in your YouTube videos descriptions, to posting too many messages in such a way as it might be considered spam, to using your YouTube account to conduct your business (yes, you have to be careful with that one too!)

And in one of my biggest mistakes (no, the biggest mistake! More on that below) to date I have fallen into one of those traps from which there is absolutely no escape.

When I say there is absolutely no escape, I really do mean it. Despite what you may read online (and it’s worth trying a few things) once your YouTube account has been terminated, there is pretty much nothing more you can do to recover deleted YouTube videos.

(So you should always save a copy of any video you upload to any online video hosting service, to your own hard drive, or better still to a free online file hosting service, that way should the unthinkable happen you still have a copy of the file to re-upload to a new account elsewhere)

Of course even if you did have a copy of your video to upload again to new accounts online (YouTube may say you cant have another account – but you can with a new email address, so just do it!) you would still have to do all the work of building up a new list of friends, subscribers and traffic – video views etc.

A brief mention on the subject of finding deleted YouTube videos. I said there is nothing you can do to recover removed YouTube videos – technically there is a slight hope that you can find removed YouTube videos, but I really would not hold out much hope on that.

Believe me, I have tried everything I can think of to download removed YouTube videos from other locations online, but as there are very few of my videos being hosted on services other than YouTube, the chances are slim (which is another great reason to use multiple online video hosting sites so that the loss of any one is not disastrous).

However there are a couple of services online that I found that might just help you to download deleted YouTube videos. Please take my suggestions with a pinch of salt though, as my tests with the two services mentioned were very poor!

For that reason, and also for the fact that some of the sites really do look a bit dodgy (you will see what I mean if you actually do visit some of them!) I have decided not to provide clickable links to them.

Instead I will only provided the name of the sites and let you search for them yourself. Another word of caution at this point though, I really do not recommend any of these services, as frankly they seem pretty abysmal at finding what I am looking for.

(I’m guessing these services only really work well when you are trying to watch videos removed from YouTube and the actual account still exists and has not been closed by the user or terminated by YouTube)

Below are the “best” two that I found that you can try if you like:


kissyoutube DOT com (EDIT:Now redirects to fetchvideo DOT com)

I really do not trust this site (and Mcafee does not like it much either!) and could not get it to work to well when I was only prepared to “trust content from the publisher this time only” as opposed to ‘Always trust content from the publisher’.

However here is what it states that you need to do to download videos.

1. Copy a video URL (for example: into their form and then press the “Download” button.

2. They then will ask you to accept the java warning at the top of your browser. (They really do seem to want you to accept ‘Always trust content from the publisher’ and only accepting to do it just this one time never seems to work. I frankly do not trust the site.

3. If it all works correctly (which it almost certainly won’t!) you will be presented with a number of links to download your video. You then choose the format you want to download your video in and save it to your pc.

You can also apparently copy the video URL into your browser using their domain name in front

(like this http:// Fetch Video . com/watch?v=B56uu0EANdE only without the deliberate spaces I inserted into the URL to break it!) and it is supposed to do the same job as above. Again it did not work as I did not accept the Java warning as ‘Always trust content from the publisher’

Plus they provide a bookmarklet that lets you download videos with just a single click – but again I do not trust the service and have not placed the bookmarklet in my browser.

In fact errors kept on occurring when I tried to download a current video on YouTube.

I was presented with the following error statement:

“A problem occurred!
Please make sure you selected YES when prompted for ‘Always trust content from the publisher’.
The video might be protected, in which case you will need a software product such as VDownloader (VDownloader DOT com) or Free YouTube Downloader (YouTubeDownloader DOT com)”

Again I really do not recommend this service very highly, but if you are desperate they might just be able to help you!

Next lets move on to what I did to get my YouTube account terminated.

Well, it was nothing very serious, I can assure you!

But YouTube really hated what I did, so they kicked me out so fast it made my head spin.

I did add a few too many tags to some of my videos, which technically does go against the YouTube Community Guidelines.

You can read the following line on the YouTube Community Guidelines under don’t cross the line:

“Do not create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase views.”

But lets be honest everyone adds too many tags to their videos don’t they? You will see lots of videos with lots of tags, and also descriptions that are nothing more than tags, and they stay up forever without the accounts getting banned.

Besides which, all of my tags related to exactly the same thing. They were simply alternative words for the same meaning.

So that was not the reason my YouTube account got terminated. I contest that there was a far more petty reason for YouTube to give me the boot!

I also used many of my tags in the title and description box of my videos, but again as with the above explanation of YouTube life, I did not go too far, and my titles and descriptions only included words which were alternative meanings for other words used to adequately explain what the video was about.

There were also some incredibly minor breaches of the YouTube Terms of Service which almost certainly don’t count as everyone that uses YouTube breaks these rules!

Take a look at “5. General restrictions on use” and scroll down to: agree not to use or launch any automated system (including, without limitation, any robot, spider or offline reader) that accesses the Service in a manner that sends more request messages to the YouTube servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a publicly available, standard (i.e. not modified) web browser; agree not to use the Website or the Services (including the comments and email features in the Website) for the solicitation of business in the course of trade or in connection with a commercial enterprise; agree not to solicit, for commercial purposes, any users of the Website with respect to their Content;

“H” might just possibly (but I doubt it) have been breached by my use of the TubeToolbox application, that you can read more about on the TubeToolbox site (EDIT: SINCE WRITING THIS POST THAT SERVICE NO LONGER UPDATES) which is an incredibly popular way to manage a YouTube account.

It is a program that you can download and install on your pc which has many great features within it that makes managing your account easy and quick, automating many of the most time consuming aspects of YouTube account management.

TubeToolbox state on their website that use of their service will not get your account banned, so I really don’t believe this was the cause of my YouTube account termination.

Take a look at the line from TubeToolbox’s own website below:

“Q. Can my YouTube account get suspended for using Tube Toolbox?

A. NO. We remain dedicated to staying within YouTube’s Terms of Service and “playing by the rules”

In fact, YouTube specifically addresses automated software (like Tube Toolbox) in section 4.G of their Terms of Use.”

So even though I used TubeToolbox to manage my own YouTube account and I made and uploaded a video to YouTube explaining how to use a TubeToolbox account, this petty reason was not why I got terminated.

“J” and “K” above regarding the use of YouTube for commercial reasons does not even warrant a response in my mind, as there are masses of business that send messages through the YouTube system, and masses of business that use the YouTube service in other ways, including entrepreneurs.

No my reason for getting banned from YouTube was something far more petty than even this.

Do you know what it was?

I will tell you.

My crime was the “thumbnail” issue. Its not that I used misleading thumbnails, because I did not. I only created videos in such a way so that the thumbnail images presented by YouTube would be the ones I wanted.

I simply timed it so that the exact middle point of my finished video had the image in it I wanted, which is how YouTube creates a thumbnail image.

The thumbnail images were important to the video, and were actually an integral part of the video. The images that made up the final video, and by that token the YouTube thumbnail image, were the actual focus of the video.

Yes, they were of a very attractive girl, but did not feature pornographic images. My video could not be described as a porn video by any stretch of the imagination.

Indeed, although I have often been asked “how to make money from porn videos online” I would never even attempt to create any type of content of this nature, I would never attempt to upload such content anywhere online, and I would never attempt to make money from sex videos online.

I know that people do simply upload “sexy videos” with affiliate links to sex sites and dating sites within the actual video and placed in their descriptions, but I don’t do that as I am trying to run a serious business here.

The “Teenage girl won 2m Lottery jackpot – Callie Rogers” video, it was neither a “porn video” nor even a “sex video”, but simply featured a very attractive girl. Albeit a pretty girl in a state of undress in one of the images within the video.

But again, the image was nothing worse than you would see in a daytime TV advert for a woman’s shampoo or body wash. Callie Rogers was covered enough to maintain dignity, and the video should not have broken any of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

It certainly would not have broken this guideline:

“YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content.”

As I said above there certainly was not any nudity at all in the video (which you can find out more about by visiting the blog post entitled “Selecting your own custom thumbnail YouTube video image“.)

But worse (in YouTube’s eyes!) than creating a video myself in such a manner that YouTube selected my chosen thumbnail image for me, I made a video explaining how to create your own YouTube videos in such a way that the thumbnail image that YouTube selects for you is the one that you really like.

You can quite deliberately create a video and have YouTube choose the exact image of your choice for its thumbnail image, and this is something which can quite dramatically increase your YouTube video views.

This is something that YouTube really hates, and that was the reason they terminated my YouTube account.

The thing that really gets to me is that a line such as:

“YEARN2EARNCASHDOTCOM has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines”

Really does make it look like you were scum of the earth, and a line like that can do real damage to your reputation.

It either makes you look like a spammer or a peddler of child sex videos.

“Multiple violations” – no, just the one actually!

“Severe violations” – well, I did give away a YouTube secret, but was it really severe?

So now I will have to start hosting my own videos that give away YouTube secrets so that there is nothing they can do about it!

The lesson for today?

Use multiple online video hosting services for all your uploads (search TUBEMOGUL) to guarantee no one loss is costly and always upload copies to a free online file host such as MEDIAFIRE.


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I had a shitload of personal videos on my YouTube account. And as soon as I was given the Adsense feature – that’s when All hell broke loose. I ended up posting a bunch of videos and a couple of them started to get a LOT of views. One day I’m getting a Notice about Violating TOS for a video of my Cat chasing his tail?? Whaaaaat? I questioned it but never got a response. There was no music in the background, Just my cat. If fact the only thing you heard was me laughing at him. I believe somebody… Read more »