Sixth Annual Ayrton Senna Inspired May Day Resolution

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Its that time of year again when I sum up what I have done the previous year online to make a living, what I plan to do the year ahead and all inspired by my respect for watching Ayrton Senna racing as a child.

This year is an especially important one after my utter depression and desperation last year caused me to cancel the posting due to a lack of any success whatsoever.

It was a shame to do that, behaving in a such a way that I am not proud of looking back, as this “May Day Resolution” posting is a bit of a tradition on this site.

Anyway lets look on the positive side as much as possible and try to focus mostly on some of the good things that have happened since last years post, before I end this post with a look at my Alexa rankings, which is something I have always considered as being important – at least to me anyway!




If this years post seems short and a little rushed compared to previous years postings of this type, that is probably because I have been ill over the last week and have therefore not been able to put as much effort into the post as I would like to have done.

At least I feel as though I am rushing it due to feeling really tired each day and only completing small amounts of the posting at a time.

Fortunately I have already managed to complete what I consider to be most of the most relevant and important information for this posting, leaving me with only small edits required on the day of the posting.




First up I must mention a significant boost to my Clickbank income. That was all brought on by my online writing jobs website.

The income from that one site actually pays for all my hosting, autoresponder and live chat services, not to mention a few other things and has been steadily growing for several months now.

I have been focusing more on better promotion though Clickbank and that is something that has been reaping rewards.

However its not just through Clickbank that my online writing jobs website has been earning me an income. There were two other income streams in operation on the site.

These were the Indeed Publisher program and also Adsense. Of these two, by far the winner for most of the time was the Indeed Publisher program, Adsense only earning me a few Dollars.

However without wishing to get too negative, after Indeed Publisher changed their terms to make only those approved for sponsored earnings able to earn commissions, that income source became useless to me as I described in the last post, as I was not previously approved for that job type and they would not tell me or anyone else how to do so.

This then had the effect of my losing several Dollars a day of previously safe and growing income. (Okay “several Dollars a day” might not sound much to some people, but when all you want is to replace the equivalent wage of a crappy minimum wage job, every little helps!)

It also made me look into Adsense more on the site, although probably not really a realistic replacement for the income, and also to spend (waste?) time looking at other similar programs only to find out that they  wouldn’t accept my site anyway despite being manually approved by them anyway – yes, I mean you Monster jobs!

Additionally I have setup a site about Instant Win Games, which is a quite high Adsense payout term if you can get the clicks, to start boosting my Adsense earnings, which will probably be quite important in the future if I fail to be approved for Indeed Sponsored jobs.

(Theoretically I should be approved for Indeed Sponsored jobs, considering the amount of interested and eager job applicants I was sending them, but I have learned that you just never can expect something to happen unless and until it is actually confirmed.)

Once I am sure of which direction I am taking the writing jobs website and precisely which jobs affiliate programs and services I am approved for, I will decide how best to monetise that site.

Right now I am considering using a “Job finder” or career search type toolbar for that site, which the user can install for free in their browser, provided and funded by one of the major CPA networks. But I will make my mind up on that one by the middle of the year.




I should also take this opportunity to mention many of the site changes that I have carried out in order to try and improve many things. This post explains all of them.

Although I could rehash the content of that post here, its probably easier to simply check that out to see the complete range of changes I have made over the year up until now.

There is still much more to change and I do have some more things in mind, however I will probably post the rest of the things I plan to update and improve in a future post.

The main thing I feel I must do for all my sites in the weeks and months to come in order to achieve my long desired income goals, is to concentrate on making more videos for YouTube to drive traffic to my sites and the most important offers on them.

That along with further focusing on the most important and profitable content across my sites is the way I feel I must go forwards in order to progress to where I really need to be.




To end the posting I have to mention my Alexa rankings, which at the time of writing this post were at 851,980 which is an extremely large fall from last year of a further 130,599 places exactly.

That would be depressing news if I was working on this site as much as I used to, but as there are so many other things I am working on online and as I am not driving as much traffic to this site as I used to, it should be expected.

If I am honest, due to earning more and more payouts from many other schemes, that has kind of become my main target and the actual Alexa rankings have become increasingly irrelevant to me.

However one day, when my financial future is assured, I do plan to work properly on building up this site as I originally planned when I first started it so that I can finally get its “Qualifying” position where I want it to be.

(Lets consider this sites current qualifying position to be like the current Mclaren Honda F1 qualifying position of the last few years, but hope that much like the good old Mclaren Honda F1 qualifying positions of previous years, much improved qualifying positions will very soon return for both this site and that great team!)

See! I still have that F1 theme of starting grids for this site in the back of my mind somewhere!

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