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How can I make a personal data request?
Last Updated a year ago

If you want to make a personal data request of any type, then please submit a ticket using this support desk with the exact info you require.

For example if you require a copy of your email data from my autoresponder list then be sure to ask for that. (Please note that the data you receive from me regarding your email data will be limited to simply your email address on file and perhaps the form and url you signed up on as that is all the information stored by Aweber who provide me with an autoresponder.)

Should you wish to modify your email data that can be done by clicking on change subscriber options at the bottom of any of my emails. From there you can either change your email address to another of your choice or unsubscribe from my email list altogether.

Please note that if you do unsubscribe from the email list that will result in the complete removal of your email address data from my autoresponder as I have a policy of completely deleting a persons data from my autoresponder the moment they unsubscribe.

(Naturally if you do request a copy of your email data after unsubscribing do not be surprised if I am unable to provide you with any of it as it will have already been completely deleted at that point!)

For any other personal data you require, in accordance with the provisions set out under the GDPR law, please create a support ticket as described at the start of this knowledgebase article and make your request.

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