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How is my personal data used?
Last Updated a year ago

My use of your personally identifiable data is extremely limited. In fact there are only two circumstances in which I use data that can possibly be considered as personally identifiable data, which I will now explain.

Basically when you submit your email address into a form on any of my sites I only use it to send you email. That is my only use of your email address because I have no other interest in using your email address for any other purpose.

The email I send you is designed to help you achieve certain goals, but some of the content in my emails are promotional in nature and I am compensated for any purchases you make based on my recommendations, as described in my legal polices and disclaimers.

The analytics tools and other tracking code tools used by my sites are limited to nothing more complex than the WordPress Jetpack tool which tracks visitors to each page on my sites to provide statistics such as which pages are the most popular, and also the Google Adsense code which simply tracks your searches to show you ads based on things you have searched for in the past.

That is the complete extent to which any personally identifiable information of yours is used!

(Please note you are welcome to block all cookies within your browser before using any of my sites if you wish to do so, however that will only prevent closely relevant ads being shown to you by Google when you visit my sites. Ads will still be shown to you by Google, but they will simply be ads you are not very interested in.)

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