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Why did you not respond to an email I sent you?
Last Updated a year ago


If you replied to your ticket email to submit more information on your support request and later find that information on your ticket is missing or that your ticket details have not been updated for some reason, then it might be that your email did not arrive at this support desk.

Just because an email is sent does not necessarily mean that it will arrive at its destination. For that reason we do not recommend replying to support tickets to update them.

Instead we recommend that you click on your login link or your ticket number that you find in each email so that you can complete your support ticket update via your web browser.

That way your can guarantee that your latest updates are added to each of your tickets and that they will be seen and replied to accordingly.


I have largely stopped using my website email address(es) and mostly ignore the emails sent to them as they are basically only used by spammers these days, and I get so much spam to those email addresses that the one or two genuine emails I do receive there are easily missed.

For that reason I recommend that anyone wanting to contact me for any reason use this helpdesk to submit a ticket, where I will be guaranteed to see the message and there will always remain a copy of the message to refer back to.

Or alternatively you can also write to me at the mailing address below, but please be aware that this will take much longer to get a reply due to postal delays and other issues beyond my control, and so for that reason the mailing address should only be used for important documents etc.

Postal | Correspondence Address (mail and letter items only)
Unit 10385
PO Box 6945

Parcel | Courier Point Address (parcel and courier delivery only)
Unit 10385
Courier Point
13 Freeland Park
Wareham Road
BH16 6FH

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