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Don’t know the tools you need to make money online? Read on!

Tools Recommended To Help You Make Money Online

(If you were redirected here expecting something different that is because I no longer provide or recommend whatever it was you were looking for. On this page you will see everything that I am currently recommending.)

Here are all the products, services and tools that I recommend for you to use to make money online with.

And yes, I do actually use all of the tools listed below myself right now, some more often than others, and some every single day in fact, but I can happily recommend all of them to you right now because they are just so useful.

I tried to avoid cramming this page with too much useful stuff, as its more important that you take action on something rather than being overwhelmed with the sheer amount of services to use, but you should consider everything in the first list as incredibly useful.

I put everything on this page in A-Z order for you, not in the order that I love them!


OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Bluehost is one of the largest and most trusted web hosting services powering millions of websites. Join Bluehost now and get a FREE domain name!

MY TAKE ON IT: I use the Bluehost VPS top hosting package and I also use them as the domain name registrar for this very website and can happily recommend them to you. If you use my affiliate link to join them and are prepared to join up for a three year contract you can get the same great quality VPS hosting I use for a massive 50% discount off the normal price!


OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: We provide the World’s best Clickbank ads rotator, Storefronts,& WordPress plugins. Now MAKE money from using our unique Clickbank Affiliate tools and scripts.

MY TAKE ON IT: CBAdsToolbox is my preferred ClickBank portal (shopping mall) and also advert generation tool used on most of my website pages to create Adsense style adverts for Clickbank products that pay out up to 75% of the Clickbank product sale price – A great Adsense alternative and much more!


Impho Training Center
OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: We are an internet marketing membership website that teaches people step-by-step how to build profitable online businesses using internet marketing.

MY TAKE ON IT: Impho, The “Online Business Community & Internet Marketing Training Center”, is a fantastic site I found when I was looking for guides on CPA marketing. They have a ton of resources and a free training regime for you to work through. I believe that the fantastic friendly and helpful community there can really help others to achieve success online.


OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Get the latest internet marketing products, resell rights, private label rights with a free membership at the most trusted Internet marketing site.

MY TAKE ON IT: Surefirewealth is a great source of internet marketing products with PLR and MRR (Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights) products. I use it to provide me with goodies to give away to build email lists, for giveaways to use with the Traffic Zombie tool described below and also to provide me with great stuff for blog post ideas.

If you are looking for a great quality recommended source of materials to give away or to brand as your own, then you just found it!

PLEASE NOTE: If you want the really special Silver Membership to SureFireWealth worth $147 for FREE then you need to use my special “Silver Link” to the site – its available to you instantly when you enter your name and email address into the box right. (Sliver Members get access to way more cool stuff than free members!)


Traffic Zombie
OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Traffic Zombie is super powerful, cutting edge software that lets you quickly and easily set up viral campaigns for any offer in any niche on any website or blog to get free traffic, leads, and sales.

MY TAKE ON IT: Traffic Zombie is probably the Best SEO Backlinking Software currently available on the market, and I use it on several pages of my site offering great quality giveaways to get social media shares and links to the site. (Read my Traffic Zombie Review here for more information on its use.)

If you would like an easy way to build up sharing of your site on the social media networks and backlinks to any site you build, then simply combine it with the content available from Surefirewealth and you have everything you need.


UK Postbox
OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: UK Postbox provides mail scanning, virtual mail forwarding and parcel forwarding services in the UK. Includes UK mailing address for personal or business use.

MY TAKE ON IT: If you want an address to use for your business needs, then use UK Postbox. I have my business address with them for everything like domain name registrations, plus they provide the London address used on all my sites contact pages to receive mail from those visiting my websites wanting to get in touch.

Use my link to UK Postbox and I split the affiliate commission with you 50% as you can see from their affiliate commission split below. Very few people are prepared to split this amount of commission with you to make it this cheap for you to sign up. Sign up to the 60 month PREMIER Plan with them and get £200 back  – try it and see!

UK Postbox affiliate commission split graphic




Although the services below are not essential to your success, I still really like them and use them all on this site on a regular basis. Consider signing up with each service later on.


OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Dropbox simplifies the way you create, share and collaborate. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe.

MY TAKE ON IT: Dropbox is a super easy way to back up your files and have access to them from any computer with internet access. Your files are also automatically synchronized between all of the computers you use Dropbox on, so you will never be without an important file again. Join through my link and get an extra 500mb of online storage!


White Dove Books
OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Top quality, inspirational ebooks that you will love, absolutely free. Join us today and receive four books right away as your special welcome.

MY TAKE ON IT: White Dove Books is a fantastic source of FREE ebooks on self improvement and personal development that you can download without paying anything, and that might just help you sell online as they will be there to motivate you when the going gets tough.

Not only that but you can also make money with White Dove Books when you register as an affiliate.