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Welcome to the site. Before I make my big introduction to myself and this site about earning cash online, I suggest that you fill in the box right so that you get notifications about and access to all the posts from our feed.

I now present to you:

7 Easy Ways To Earn Cash Online

1. Write A Blog.
Google loves blogs, people love blogs, I love my blog – damn near everybody trying to earn cash online has a blog because blogs make money. Blogs are also an excellent way to earn cash from home as you can sit and write them whilst having a lazy day on the couch!

You need good content that becomes popular and good adverts or affiliate products on your blog to really earn the big bucks! Learn to start a blog here from the Wikihow.com website.

There are additionally two other resources I would recommend that you check out.

Firstly be sure to check out the amazing and free to access firstsiteguide.com site which shows you in detail how to start a blog. (Their free beginner’s guide to blogging actually offers more detailed information than Wikihow surprisingly, but a visit to both sites are recommended!)

Secondly I would like you to visit Robert Menings websitesetup.org which gives details on how to create a website using a number of currently very popular tools, not just blogging software. There is a lot of very good information here presented in an easy to understand format with plenty of handy images.


2. Do Surveys.
You can earn cash from surveys and some people do earn enough cash to survive on (not thrive on) taking surveys. My desire to avoid giving out personal contact details for companies to later sell on despite their assurances not to mean that I have never been that eager to try to earn cash for surveys, but I accept others want to.

Here’s how to earn cash doing surveys from the Moneysavingexpert.com website.


3. Earn Cash On YouTube.
Here’s a quick way to earn cash. Just make and upload videos to YouTube all day long. Much easier if you are really good looking and do not mind wearing very little clothes on camera, or are really quite stupid and accident prone with a camera always at the ready, but even if not it’s probably the best way to earn cash online quick.

Here’s how to earn cash on YouTube from the Wikihow.com website.


4. Become A Freelance Writer.
Get paid to write for others – sites like Elance.com are great places to get jobs writing for others. I use it to hire writers for me sometimes. You can also earn cash fast with this method as you can apply for the quick jobs and have the work completed with the money in your account all on the same day.

Here’s how to earn cash writing again from the Wikihow.com website.


5. Sell On EBay.
You are bound to have a house full of stuff you don’t want or need – I know we do! Setup an eBay account, start taking pictures and videos of all your stuff and get them listed for sale, you will be surprised who wants what, and how much they are prepared to pay for it.

You could also sell on Amazon depending on the type of goods you want to sell, the volume of goods you want to sell and whether or not you think the profits will be better by doing so.

To help you earn cash selling unwanted stuff online here’s eBay’s own guide on how to sell on eBay and here’s an article from Howstuffworks.com on how to earn cash on eBay, which can often be two very different things!

You may also wish to check out this Amazon page about how you can earn cash on Amazon.


6. Give Away Free Rebranded Files.
As crazy as it sounds giving away stuff can make you a lot of money. Provided you have the right to do so, give away quality products that you can rebrand to contain your own affiliate links – whenever someone buys a product through one of your links you get paid.

Here’s where to earn cash online free giving away high quality free rebrandable content, which is also well worth checking out yourself. Just do it!


7. Get Paid To Do Online Hourly Rate Work.
The least glamorous of all the earn cash from home jobs, yet possibly the best paying if you have high valued skills you can use to complete jobs over and over again many times in a day.

Here’s where to get hourly paid jobs so that you can earn cash at home or alternatively, no matter how bizarre your skills are, here’s where to get paid $5 per job or “gig”.

That was my list of the best ways to earn cash from home. Still want more info on ways to earn cash online? Bookmark this site, and then read on using the links below! (Don’t be afraid to share this site with your mates, either!)


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