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How To Earn Cash Online

Welcome to the site. I will not make my big introduction to myself here, I will save that for my “About Us Page“, but will instead dive right in here with what you need to do to start earning cash online, based upon what I am doing right now.

(Want to see an example of everything below that I am putting into practice? Then check out my InternetWritingJobs.com website which operates in the manner I describe below)

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Speaking of which I will now list the three things that you really need to make money online and the quickest and easiest way of getting those things.

The three things are:

A website and hosting.

A Product to promote.

Content promoting your website and its product.

Let me expand on all this below.

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Seek out a good host online!

1. You need Hosting

Even if you do not know what hosting is or why you might need it, trust me when I tell you that you need it (not just for the manner of earning a living online that I describe below, but for many other methods)

Hosting is what your website will live on and you will need a website to earn the kind of cash online you no doubt want. Fortunately getting hosting and a website setup is easy, you can do it below in minutes!

Simply pick a domain name using the box below and get hosting while you are at it. A domain name like YOURNAME.com will do at this stage as you can always buy other domain names later on to promote specific products and add them to your hosting account as you need them.

If you would rather just get hosting first I can tell you that all my sites (including this one) are hosted on a server provided by Bluehost. Get the same Bluehost VPS top hosting package here that I use for my sites – if you use this affiliate link and sign up for 3 years you can get 50% off the normal hosting price!

Although you might think it is expensive to get started, that is the wrong way to think about it! You are investing in yourself.

You no doubt spend tons of money travelling to work everyday? Well you do that to earn money and this is exactly the same thing, except you can earn much more in the long run, work when you want from home and be your own boss!

So just do it and don’t stop to talk yourself out of it.

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Glamorous exciting products sell better!

2. You need a product to promote

Do not worry if you have no product to sell and have no ideas for how to create one. You can sell other peoples product as an affiliate perfectly legally and earn a good amount of cash doing so.

Being an “Affiliate” simply means that you get people to buy someone else’s product and you get to keep a commission for creating that sale in the first place.

Some people make an absolute fortune doing this and are known as “Super Affiliates” because of it.

It is also the easiest way to get started making money online (and its the way I do it as I have no intention of ever launching my own products – why should I when this method works so well?)

You can find affiliate products to sell here at Clickbank.

(Technically you call it “Promoting” products rather than selling products when you work as an affiliate, but it amounts to the same thing, except you get to earn cash for doing nothing more than referring the buyer to seller, while someone else has to do all the customer service and other boring work!)

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Bored or unsure what to write?

3. You need content to promote your site

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to create good content to promote anything.

You can get brand new, unique and original content (the best kind of content to get, by the way) created for you quite cheaply when you register here at GetOnlineContent.com.

The site above allows you to post your writing jobs requirements for talented writers to create it for you. The best part is that you can get written content created to suit your exact requirements for only a few Dollars per article.

If you want to promote the highest quality products, then you need to best quality written content you can get. For that reason I would like to tell you about a freelance writer I think you will benefit from hiring.

Her name is Lisa Clark, writer for hire and I actually hired Lisa several years ago to write 16 articles for me. The quality of her work is extremely high and for that reason she is the one freelance writer I am always happy to recommend.

If you want that extra touch of class for your content, then consider hiring Lisa for your written work. You can check out her fees using her website link above and when you do so let her know where you found out about her!

Of course you can simply record videos promoting your website and the affiliate products on it yourself using software called “Screen Capture Recording Software” which simply records the video from your pc screen if you wish.

I use that method all the time to promote my site mentioned above and its working pretty good for me!

I use the same method for all my sites actually and if you want to use this method I tell you the best FREE software to use to do it. Make sure you enter your name and email address in the box right and I will tell you what it is!

Tying it all together

So now you have a product to sell, a website setup to sell it on and written content promoting your website and the product on it.

You now simply continue promoting your site and its affiliate products and as your money grows you reinvest your profits by purchasing more written content to promote yet more affiliate products on your site.

You can even buy new domain names to promote a specific affiliate product on each one if you want to get really fancy (this method works quite well to really boost your affiliate income)

Rinse and repeat as they say until you are earning a decent sum indeed!

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